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Cremation or Traditional Burial?

Published : 01/07/2018 12:12:42
Categories : Mobi Medical Articles , Mortuary Services

End of life decisions can be hard for us to make. There is so much happening quickly and all at once. One of the biggest decisions you will make will be whether you want to opt for the traditional burial process or be cremated. It can be a tough decision to make, and you may want to get your loved ones involved. This way you can understand what they want, and you can let them know what you want. It will come down to numerous deciding factors in your decision, such as religious beliefs, financial capacity and the beliefs and feeling of you and your family, so it is best that everyone is on the same page prior to your passing. Here is a look at some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of both processes that will hopefully make your decision a tad bit easier.

Advantages of a Cremation

  • Price. Opting for a cremation can lower the price tag of your funeral considerably. In fact, a cremation funeral can be as little as one-sixth the cost of a traditional burial funeral. There is no need for a plot, a monument or headstone, a coffin and paying a company to dig the burial plot, which all leads to a lower cost.

  • Ecological beliefs. Many people do not want to damage the earth through their funeral. The process of preparing the body for burial can cause toxic substances to be released into the environment, and they also do not want to take up all the space needed for a traditional burial.

  • Portability. Some families tend to move more than others and may prefer to have their loved ones with them ready to go where they may go. If they chose a burial, their loved one may be left behind or be left at a distance too far for any of them to visit, which would not work for most of us.

  • Flexibility. It is great being able to have your loved one with you and not have to go to the cemetery to visit with them, and through cremations this is possible. It is also possible to divide the ashes between multiple loved ones. Or, if the deceased preferred, you could scatter their ashes almost anywhere (some legal issues may come up with certain places, so check to be sure).

Disadvantages of a Cremation

  • Not the norm. Many of us would be fine with a cremation, but there are some social circles that may look down on cremations. It could be because of their family traditions or religious ideals. It is important to consider how you and your loved ones would feel if you were to opt for a cremation.

  • Lack of closure. For some cremations, a traditional funeral service may not be held. A cremation service may not always include a headstone or a gravesite that many of us visit to remember the deceased, which can affect the loved ones of the deceased in a negative way. As previously stated, you need to take into consideration how everyone would feel if cremation was the option for you.

Advantages of a Traditional Burial

  • Upholds our religious beliefs. Many people opt for a traditional burial because they feel as if this ceremony aligns with their religious beliefs the best. Another plus is that this type of ceremony also brings the friends, family and their religious community closer together because they share in the same beliefs.

  • Follows your family tradition. By following your family tradition when it comes to the death of a loved one, you may be more inclined to deal with your grief through a better process. It may also bring your family together to help you rely on the strength of one another to get through this tragic event.

  • Permanent resting place. With a traditional burial service, you will have a designated spot to come and remember your loved one. They will always be there for you to come and visit them, and you can bring flowers and talk to them at their gravesite. Some of us will find peace because we will have that designated place as a memorial for our loved one.

Disadvantages of a Traditional Burial

  • Price tag. Typically a traditional burial will be the more expensive choice when it comes to your funeral service options. There are many different options that you may choose for a traditional burial, such as embalming, the style of a coffin, preparing the body for viewing, the funeral service and its add-ons if you want a family viewing, the hearse and limos, the plot, the headstone and the digging of the plot. All of these options will only make the cost go higher and higher.

  • Time. There are those that feel as if a traditional burial is more time consuming than a cremation service. If you happen to live further away from the funeral destination or happen to be from out of town, it can become rather difficult making multiple trips to the viewing, funeral services, burial services and wake.

Cremation or traditional burial services can be a difficult decision for most of us. It would be in our best interest to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each with our friends and family prior to making the final decision. You may even want to involve your church, a bereavement counselor or a funeral director to help make the best choice for you.

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