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Business Startups Look to Bring Tech Advancements to the Death Care Industry

Categories : Mortuary Services

Most people tend to shy away from or avoid discussing anything that has to do with death care. When we think of death care, our mind seems to be filled with images of people grieving or fighting over the details of a will. There are many people that fear death and wish to avoid it and any discussion of it at all cost. This stigma and avoidance have left the death care industry with a shortage of high-tech advancements enjoyed by many other industries across the world. There seems to be a huge gap in this particular industry that could translate to huge opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors who may be able to look past the stigma that surrounds this field. Here is a small list of some companies looking to breach the tech advancement gap in the death care industry.

  • Everplans. Everplans is a startup that offers a platform to digitally store important documents, such as a last will and testament, any pre-made funeral plans, or important financial records. These documents can be kept in a safe place where they cannot be lost and family members can easily access them once the owner passes away. Everplans refers to its product as the perfect replacement to those “boxes stuffed with papers” that can cause a huge headache and complicate legal responsibilities after one’s death.

  • Everdays. The CEO of Everdays claims that there is a big gap in the way a death is communicated. Once his father died, he discovered that social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, were fairly lacking when it came to communicating a death. There were many in his own community that asked him months after his father’s death how his father was doing. This led him to discover that there was an opportunity here, and he decided to create a social media platform solely for memorials.

  • Recompose. Burials tend to be fairly expensive and can use up a lot of land and other resources, but Recompose looks to combat this. This new startup offers a process that converts a body into soil by using a process developed by their CEO Katrina Spade that employs atmospherically regulated capsules. Currently, there is a green burial method that allows for bodies to be placed in the ground with little to no handling to allow the body to naturally decompose on its own. Spade looks to extend on this process by allowing the remains to naturally decompose in one of her capsules. The remaining soil can then easily be given to the next of kin just as if the body was cremated. The next of kin can then do anything they wish with the soil of their loved one.

This is just a sampling of the companies who are looking to close the tech gap in the death care industry. As more and more entrepreneurs see the tremendous opportunity the death care industry presents, we can only expect more and more innovative ideas to come to the forefront. There will be no limits where the future may take us in this industry, and I cannot wait to discover what great idea will be next.

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