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Choosing the Right Medical Stretcher: Types and Uses

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When every second counts, the right medical stretcher can make a big difference. During an emergency every decision impacts the result. The right stretcher ensures that the patients receive quick medical care.

But with so many types available in the market, how do you choose the right one?

Let's explore the various types and their uses to make the right decision.

Types of Medical Stretchers

1. Manual Stretchers - These are the normal type stretchers and are lightweight, easy to use. They are budget friendly too. But requires physical effort and is ideal for short distances and normal medical situations.

2. Electric Stretchers - They are much more advanced . They reduce the physical strain on medical personnel.You can adjust the height and angle by just pressing a button.They are used in emergency rooms, ICU’s where rapid actions need to be taken with utmost precision.

3. Bariatric Stretchers - These are designed for plus size patients. They provide a wider and strong platform to accommodate more weight. They have been designed with reinforced frames , large wheels to ensure stability as well as ease of movement. They are useful for patients having an obesity problem.

4. Scoop Stretchers - They are designed specifically for patients having spinal injuries.They can be divided into two halves , which are placed on either side of the patient and then joined together to lift the patient without doing a further damage.They are used mainly in trauma care where spinal precautions are important.

5. Ambulance Stretchers - They are used in ambulances and in emergencies.They can be loaded and unloaded quite easily and come with safety straps and side rails. They are vital for transporting patients from an accident scene and transfer to a nearest medical facility centre. Ensuring safety and patient comfort is among its functionality.

6. Portable Stretchers - They are also known as collapsible stretchers and can be folded. They are lightweight and are ideal for emergencies where rapid actions need to be taken.They are used for easy transportation.They can be used during disasters or natural calamities where accessibility is an issue.

Some Quick Tips For Safe Stretcher Use

Use patient restraints if available.
Respect weight limits for the stretcher type.
Ensure legs and brakes are properly engaged.
Move carefully over rough terrain.
Follow manufacturer guidelines.
Push feet-first, not head-first.
Uses of Medical Stretchers

Each stretcher has its own usability. So it might be difficult to choose the right one. Let’s explore how these stretchers are used in different cases.

Emergency Situations Emergencies are unforeseen situations where every minute counts.Electric stretchers allow several adjustments, thus saving time. Ambulance stretchers have easy loading and unloading features which helps in transporting patients from the accident spot to the ambulance and ultimately to the medical care.

Routine Patient Transfers For daily transfers within a hospital, manual stretchers are really useful. They are easy to move and do not require an external power source.To move inside medical wards and diagnostic rooms, manual stretchers provide a budget friendly and efficient solution.

Trauma and Spinal Injuries Traumatic incidents demand special attention to avoid any injuries or damage. Scoop Stretchers can be used in this situation. It is designed in such a manner that it minimizes mobility , reducing the risk of spinal injuries.. These stretchers are really useful in trauma centers.

Obese Patient Care Bariatric stretchers are important for patients suffering from obesity.These ensure that heavier patients are transported safely and comfortably. These stretchers must be available in clinics and hospitals to frequently handle obese patients. It provides a dignified way of safely transporting the obese patients too.

Remote and Field Operations Portability is fundamental in case of remote or field operations. Portable stretchers are needed in these scenarios. They are lightweight and have portable designs. It makes them easy to carry and position the patients correctly. First responders and military medical teams rely on these stretchers during disaster response and field rescues.

Intensive Care Electric stretchers are ideal for intensive care units, providing the precise adjustments and flexibility required for critical patient care. Their advanced features enable ultimate patient positioning and support, increasing both patient comfort and the ability to perform necessary medical procedures.

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