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What equipment is needed for a mortuary?

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After a death occurs, the prime responsibility of paying respect to the deceased falls upon the expert hands of mortuary professionals. These people dedicate themselves to taking care of the departed. For doing this they require some special equipment to ensure a respectful transition.

What are those ? Have a Look !

Refrigeration Units - These units are the indispensable part in a mortuary. They are used in preserving the body of the deceased until the funeral arrangements are made. These come in various sizes and aids in maintaining the body at a cool temperature.

Embalming Tables - A well-equipped mortuary must have an embalming table as a centerpiece. These tables are very strong and versatile. It allows technicians to carefully prepare the dead for their final journey. They are durable and are made of non-porous materials. Likewise they safeguard public health too.

Embalming Machines - Embalming machines go parallel with embalming tables. These special equipment pumps an embalming fluid through the vascular system, inhibiting the body from getting decomposed.The mortuary staff must understand the anatomy and the embalming process deeply to operate this properly.

Autopsy Equipment - Autopsy equipment is necessary for the mortuaries. It may consist of autopsy saws, scarpels and dissecting tables. These should be of high quality to ensure safety. Additionally proper ventilation systems must be present to deal with odours and fumes.

Mortuary Trolleys and Stretchers - Dead bodies need to be transferred using special trolleys and stretchers. They can handle weight and ensure smooth movement. They are strong enough to handle the frequent usage . Similarly, features like locking wheels, adjustable heights increase safety.

Lifting and Transfer Devices - Bodies need to move safely and for doing this mechanical lifts , body transfer boards etc are necessary . It also minimizes physical strain and injury .

Disinfection Equipment - Checking on hygiene is the most important factor here. Disinfection equipment like UV light systems , chemical disinfectants help to sanitize both surfaces and hands. Thus the limit the spread of pathogens.Daily disinfection ensures a safe and clean working environment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - It is for the protection of the mortuary staff. It includes gloves , gowns, masks , and face shields. These items safeguard from exposure to hazardous substances and pathogens. A high-quality PPE is important for maintaining health and safety standards.

Dressing Tables and Storage Solutions - These are used to prepare bodies for viewings. These provide a stable and clean surface for dressing the dead person. Moreover storage solutions for clothing, cosmetics, and other supplies help in keeping everything organized.

Cosmetics and Restoration Supplies - Cosmetics and restoration supplies are important for preparing the dead for viewings. These consist of makeup, waxes, and adhesives to preserve the natural appearance of the body.

Viewing Room Set-Up - Every family needs privacy to bid a final farewell to the deceased person. So the viewing room in a mortuary must have proper seating arrangement, lighting and suitable decor. These can create a comforting environment.

Record-Keeping Systems - Proper record-keeping is always needed in a mortuary. Nowadays digital systems are used to maintain detailed records of the deceased, including personal information, embalming details, and funeral arrangements. These systems ensure that all information is easily accessible and safely stored.

Communication Systems - The key to run a mortuary efficiently is its communication systems.Intercoms, phones, and computer systems help in coordination and also communicate with families.

Transportation Vehicles - For transporting bodies special vehicles are required. Hearses and mortuary vans are used for respectful transportation of the deceased in their final journey. These vehicles should be well-maintained and should contain necessary safety features.

Utility Systems - Finally, a properly equipped mortuary needs trustworthy utility systems. This includes plumbing, electricity, and temperature control. These systems ensure that all equipment works properly and that the environment is comfortable for both staff and visitors.

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